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  • Private Investigations

    Private Investigations is the undertaking of Investigating something or someone. Private Investigation can also relate to a formal inquiry or systematic study. It is the act or process of examining a crime, problem and statement carefully, especially to discover the truth. Our Private investigation team seeks the truth to uncover facts and evidence.


  • Private Investigation Services

    At PI Services we are a team of expert investigators who will handle the whole Investigations on behalf of a client or attorney and prepare the police docket. We pride our methods of private investigation, searching, tracing and locating, conducting interviews and taking statements, collecting and handling evidence and preparing for court! 

    PI Services prides itself in offering professional expert Private Investigation service. We have the experience and skills to conduct numerous crime, financial, money laundering, fraud and theft Investigations. If you have been defrauded or suspect fraudulent activity in your business contact us for a free consultation.