• Private Investigator George

  • George Private Investigators from Pi Services Agency Detective Agency can assist Private Individuals and Companies with Private Investigations and Surveillance services in George, Mossel Bay and surrounding areas.

    Cheating Spouse Investigations

    Our Private Investigators from Pi Services Agency Detective Agency uses their Surveillance skills and techniques to document the movements and whereabouts of cheaters. If you suspect your spouse or partner of being unfaithful, then you should consider contacting one of our Cheating Spouse Investigators.

    Background Investigations

    Our Private Investigators from Pi Services Agency Detective Agency can assist clients with a wide range of Background Investigations and Screening services. Background checks are often requested by Employers on candidates for a job, or for employment screening. It is also requested for past employment verification, credit history, criminal history, address verification and due diligence. Background checks are also useful when looking for debtors and tracing of non payers. 

    Insurance Fraud Investigations

    Our Private Investigators from Pi Services Agency Detective Agency has many years experience in conducting these type of Investigation claims. Our Private Investigator will conduct surveillance, interviews, background checks and activity checks to help insurance companies, claim adjusters and attorneys as well as  private individuals with their Investigation needs.

    Surveillance Investigations

    There are a variety of reasons why you want to conduct surveillance. Investigating crime to locating an individual, to monitor employees for theft inside and outside their work environment, to monitor a cheaters whereabouts for signs of infidelity, child custody support investigations and worker's compensation & insurance claims. As soon as issues like marital infidelity, employee dishonesty, and crime, surveillance is one way you can stay secure.

    Civil Investigations

    An example of a civil court case is when one person sues another for damages caused in a domestic accident or the tracing of people who disappeared without paying their accounts. Both sides in a case may contact a Private Investigator to conduct an investigation. The Private Investigator is then requested to compile documents or material evidence which will be used to present your case or refute a claim, depending on the situation.

    Locate Missing People

    Our Private Investigators uses Investigative search methods, digital tracking and physical surveillance techniques to trace and verify the location of the missing person. If you have problems finding missing debtor so that a summons can be served, we can help you with that too.