• Tracing Services

  • Debtor Investigation Services

    We can assist in tracing hard to find individuals who have absconded the possibilities of recovery and who have fallen behind on their debt. Our tracing private investigators have many years’ experience, the know how and the right tools to communicate and locate the missing person. Our agents conduct research services and use tracing databases that can help locate collateral property, consumer information, addresses and contact information and employment.


  • What is a Debtor Investigation?

    A successful Debt Trace Investigation depends on having the ability to find the Debtor. If the debtor has absconded the possibilities of recovery area much reduced.
    If a debtor has moved from his/her last familiar address, the address is unknown, or the debtor is avoiding service by registered mail, summons, an expert Trace Agent can verify the whereabouts and current address of the person.
    This is essential for the summons of legal documents. A trace could also be requested with minimal info. But, accurate results are more likely where clients can provide information, such as the debtors contact number and date of birth.
  • Who can we locate

    • Assets
    • Missing Persons
    • Debtors 
    • Witnesses
    • Family members
    • Fraudsters