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  • Private Investigator - FAQ

    Why a Private Investigator?

    Private Investigators are generally ex-police detectives or trained and experienced private individuals with years of experience. Private investigators have access to technology, data basis, record systems, information systems the police do not have.

    What cost can I expect?

    The cost will be based on the nature of the offence and the duration of the investigation. Cost must be discussed during the initial (fact finding) meeting.

    Can a Private Investigator solve my case?

    Private Investigators can solve any case but clients must know that the Private Investigator is not a policeman and cannot take the law into its owns hands.

    Is it cost effective to use a private investigator in a criminal investigation?

    The client must ensure the Private Investigator is properly licensed with the required statutory bodies. The private Investigator will operate and bill according to a code of ethics.

    Is it possible that I can recover any of my losses e.g. in a fraud case?

    A Private Investigator can assist a client in the recovery of losses (civil process) as the police only focus on the criminal process.

    Will an investigation by a private investigator assist me in civil proceedings?

    Yes, the Private Investigator will have all the first-hand knowledge and documentation to assist the attorney from the outset.