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    Private Investigator Cape Town - PI Services Agency offers a vast range of investigation services tailored to meet your needs. Surveillance on cheating partner, tracing suspects, monitoring employees for theft, combating fraud, conducting background, CCTV and covert installs are just some of the investigations services we offer.

    Providing High-Quality and Professional Services

    Private Investigator Cape Town - PI Services Agency offers a Professional and Confidential Private Investigation service to the public and business sectors. We work with local and international clients and are available 24 hours 7 days a week for assistance.

  • Our Services

  • Cheating spouse private investigators operational in Cape Town. Do you suspect your spouse or partner of being unfaithful? Hiring a cheating spouse investigator should be the first investment prior to confrontation or legal action.

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  • Child Custody Support Investigations conducted by Private Investigator Cape Town. We can assists parents with their custody battle and maintenance claims. By offering this unique private investigative service we can gather facts and evidence that my lead to guardian parent's advantage.

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  • Insurance Fraud Investigations conducted by Private Investigator Cape Town is a specialized service. Our trained fraud Investigators will conduct surveillance, interviews, background checks and activities checks to help insurance companies and attorneys 

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  • Surveillance is conducted by using video and audio technology to document and identify contact and interactions or the whereabouts of a subject. Private Investigators observes the subject while remaining undetectable.

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  • Civil Investigations are conducted to gather and uncover information needed for a trial. These can include interviewing people, taking photographs, gaining access to various records, and conducting surveillance.

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  • Missing Person Investigator in Cape Town uses investigative and search methods in locating people who have disappeared. If your loved one is missing or ran away from home we can help you locate them and bring them home safely.

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  • About

  • PI Services was established in 2011 by Private Investigator Jaco van Schalkwyk to address the demand for personal and commercial investigative security solutions. Our vision is to provide a more cost effective and result driven security service to the market. At PI Services we provide our customers with value added security services by using the best practices and technology available, specifically tailored to meet their diverse demands. 

  • We offer a wide range of top quality cctv, covert  and GPS security products combined with professional confidential investigations. We offer our clients personal and commercial security and investigative risk solutions for absolute peace of mind and to ensure the successful existence of their enterprises and a total prevention of crime. We strive to bring new awareness of modern means, crime prevention and personal safety to all.