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Private Investigation Services

Private Investigator Cape Town offers tailor made Private Investigations and Surveillance services to the public, business sector and international clients. We are able to provide Private Investigation services 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Our friendly and professional approach to any situation you may have will be dealt with in a discreet manner and your privacy is our top concern. Contact Us for immediate assistance.

Cheating Spouse Investigations

Do you suspect your spouse or partner is having an affair? Hiring a cheating spouse investigator should be the first investment prior to confrontation or legal action.

Employee Theft Investigations

Do you suspect theft in the workplace? Are your employees stealing from you? Hiring a employee investigator can help you uncover the truth and take action against thief’s.

Drug and substance abuse investigations

There are many forms of drug abuse. If your suspect your loved one of abusing drugs or alcohol or any other substance then let us help you get clarity on the situation.

Online scam Investigations

Have you been scammed out of your money ? Before transferring big sums of money to a person you met let us assist in identifying the authenticity of the individual or entity.

Surveillance & Observations

Close observation of a person, place or object. Surveillance investigation is conducted by using various surveillance techniques in order to document and identify any contact, interactions or whereabouts of the subject.

Civil Investigation Services

Civil investigation is conducted to gather and uncover information needed for a civil trial. Civil investigation can include interviewing people, taking photographs, gaining access to various records, and conducting surveillance.

Assets Investigation Sevices

Asset Search Private Investigations are used to conduct a nationwide search to locate personal property or real estate held by a person or corporate entity. Asset investigations helps satisfy Due diligence.

Insurance Investigation Services

We provide Investigation services to insurance carriers, companies, and adjusters. Our trained Investigators can conduct surveillance, interviews, background checks to help insurance companies and attorneys make the correct claim decisions.

Background Checks

Services like this can help you make better choices when choosing a new friendship or business partner and will provide you with peace of mind at the end of the day.

GPS Vehicle Tracking

GPS vehicle tracking devices are used during private investigations. Our vehicle tracking devices are mostly hired by clients or companies to track certain objects or assets.

Child custody and support

We assists parents personally with all child custody matters. Contact us for more information on custody related investigations

Missing persons investigations

If your loved one is missing or ran away from home we can help you locate them and bring them home safely.

Restraint Of Trade Investigations

We offer specialized Professional Private Investigation to business owners who requires assistance in Restraint Of Trade Investigations.

Corporate Investigation Services

With our corporate investigations we can investigate if a business partner is legitimate, or whether fraud or embezzlement is going on.

counter surveillance

We can assist to prevent surveillance, including covert surveillance and tracking.

About Me

I have been doing Private investigations in my private capacity for more than 10 years. I started my career in the private investigation industry as a surveillance operative and have worked with many well-known investigation agencies. Having had the opportunity to learn and study further has helped me perfect my skills as a private investigator. I also had the opportunity to work with other investigators and detectives throughout my career. Feel free to contact me directly to discuss your investigation requirements.
Let me work your case in confidence.

Having worked in the private investigative industry for more than 10 years makes me capable of handling your case with confidence. I take pride in my business and the services I offer and want each and every client to be assured of an accurate and discreet private investigation services from me.

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Complete the contact us form below to submit your inquiry. We will respond to your communication within 24 hours. For immediate / urgent assistance please contact me on +27813244335. Please do not SMS or WhatsApp. Rather send and email instead. To better understand your situation it is extremely important that you make the topic clear and give a detailed description of your inquiry.