• Cheating Spouse Investigators

  • Infidelity Private Investigations

    Cheating Spouse Investigators from Pi Services Detective Agency can assist you in catching cheating spouses or a cheating partnerIf you suspect infidelity then we can help you get the evidence to catch your wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend or partnerWe have many years experience in conducting investigations into cheaters and infidelity cases throughout South Africa as well as abroad
    Our Private Investigators from Pi Services Detective Agency use their Surveillance skills and techniques to document the movements and whereabouts of cheaters. If you suspect your husband, wife or partner of being unfaithful, then you should consider contacting one of our Professional Private Investigators to help you catch your partnerCheating Spouse Private Investigator Cape Town will assist you and find out the truth. We will give you peace of mind. You will have all the evidence and documentation you may need to prove infidelity.
  • Catch Your Partner

    Hiring a cheating spouse Investigator to catch your spouse or partner should be the first investment before confrontation or legal actionGet all your evidence first and then build a strong case. Men and woman seek our professional guidance and personal service as soon as they become aware of a his or her infidelity.
    Lets us help your get proof of extra marital or relationship affairs. Our Infidelity Investigators from Pi Services Detective Agency use their surveillance skills and techniques to document and catch all the relevant information to provide you with the proof you need.
  • Infidelity Surveillance Investigations

    Surveillance: Cheating spouse Investigators who conduct matrimonial Investigations are trained in surveillance Investigation techniques to make sure you get the best quality video or photo evidence to confirm his or her's Infidelity. 

    Investigations:  We use our Investigative and Surveillance techniques combined with surveillance equipment to document a cheaters whereabouts and to catch them in the act.

    Evidence: Our Surveillance evidence and our Investigator's report is all you need to take further action towards your spouse or partner infidelity. 

  • 11 signs on his or her Infidelity

    Signs of his or her's Infidelity! Get to know the signs and take action. Get the proof to show your spouse about their lies and affairs. 

    • Tell lies about where they are and with whom
    • Always Working on weekends
    • Show a Lack of intimacy towards you
    • Unexplained stains in underwear
    • Late office hours during the week
    • A sudden need for privacy
    • Secretive phone calls and WhatsApp messages
    • Always busy on the phone and laptop
    • Stays away for the nights
    • Unreasonable behaviour
  • Infidelity in Men and Woman is happening

    "85 % of women and 65 % of men who suspect their spouse is cheating, are usually correct."