• Forensic Investigation

  • What Is a Forensic Investigation?

    With a Forensic Investigation we are able to lawfully establish evidence and facts that will allow you or your Attorney to presents such evidence and facts in a court of law. The term Forensic Investigation is broad and covers a wide base of different Financial and Fraud crimes. The term Forensic Investigation may also include cell phone and computer Forensic services, murder, cyber crimes, financial crimes etc.

    In a Forensic Investigation scientific methods are also used to solve a crime. During the Forensic Investigation the investigator gathers and analysis all crime related physical evidence to be able to come to a conclusion about a suspect.

    In a Forensic investigation the investigator will take fingerprints, look for blood or fluid, residue, computers and other technology to establish how a crime took place.

  • Different types of Forensics

    Trough a Forensic Investigation one may prove the existence of a crime, Identify a suspect of a crime, or a connection to a crime. There are many different types of Forensics Investigations and Investigators specializing in many types of Investigation Sciences. 

    • Forensic Science
    • Computer or Cyber Forensics
    • Forensic Fraud examiner
    • Forensic Accounting / Auditing
    • Crime Scene Forensics
    • Digital Forensics
    • Forensic Archaeology
    • Forensic Dentistry
    • Forensic Entomology
    • Forensic Graphology
    • Forensic Pathology
    • Forensic Psychology
    • Forensic Toxicology