• Serious & Violent Crimes

  • What is Serious and Violent Crimes

    Serious and violent crimes is an occurrence of crime happening every day and around the world. It is estimated that 49 people are murdered in South Africa every day. It may be poverty, lack of employment, lack of knowledge, revenge or jealousy. Only the killer will know! PI Services Private Detectives will ensure at all times that your case gets the time and service it requires. We work closely and side by side with the authorities. PI Services liaise with the Public Prosecutor and keep them abreast of the developments in the Criminal Investigation. Our Private Investigators will assure our clients that their Investigations get the attention to detail it deserves. 

    Serious and violent crimes may include

    • murder
    • homicide
    • assault
    • manslaughter
    • sexual assault
    • rape
    • robbery
    • negligence
    • endangerment
    • kidnapping (abduction)
    • extortion
    • harassment