• Portable GPS Vehicle Tracking

  • What is GPS

    Global positioning system often referred to as GPS is a satellite-based navigation system made up of at least 24 satellites, ground stations, and receivers
    A GPS tracking unit is a device, installed into a moving vehicle or person. Your tracking dashboard or Maps app requires an internet connection to download the Map information and imagery. The Global Positioning System then determine and track its precise location.
  • Portable Long-Life Magnet Tracking Solutions

    Our Portable Magnet Car GPS vehicle tracking devices are build into a quality metal magnet case for easy installation. We currently offer two types of magnet trackers that comes standard with magnetic case, charger and user guide. You also get access to our 24 hour tracking platform!
    With our portable trackers it is ideal to track a vehicles location in real-time allowing you to track your car 24 hours a day. Our portable magnet car trackers do not need any installation and uses GPS to track the car's location in real time. At Pi Services Detective Agency we know what our clients’ needs are when it comes to monitoring a car's location.
    Our units for cars are small, covert and can be concealed inside or underneath your vehicle in a few seconds. Our Portable trackers comes with one advance feature "listen in" to enable you to call your tracker. Like a cell phone your device will connect the call allowing you to listen in.
    Our devices for cars can be viewed from your computer or mobile device for instant location information. Our car portable magnetic GPS vehicle trackers are battery powered devices, which are powered through an internal battery
  • GPS Car Tracking Equipment that works

    • Strong magnetic cover allowing for flexible installation on vehicles or assets
    • Enables you to track your vehicles and assets 24 hours a day 
    • Listen in mode enables you to call your tracker and listen into the background
    • Extended battery allows for up to 40 days of tracking
    • Get your First year personal GPS tracking platform FREE
    • All users accounts are Username and password secured 
    • No installation in or on the car required. 
    • Free Mobile App for smartphones