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  • Sunday April 08 2018

    Listen to Talk about Investigating fraud


    1. What are the most common Scams in South Africa?

    2. what do if you think you have been scammed ?

    3. How much info is needed for fraudsters to be able to steal from you?

    4. When buying online whats the safest way to do say ?

    5.how long does a case of fraud take to get settled ?

    6.what kind of punishment is given out by government ?

    7. What is the worst case of fraud in your experience?

    8. And is local police able to deal with these kinds of crimes?

  • Saturday October 28 2017

    Listen to Talk about Identity theft


    1. In your experience what is the motive behind someones Identity being stolen?

    2. How easy is it to steal someones Identity ?

    3. How often do peoples Identities get stolen?

    4. How do you go about locating an ID thief?

    5. How does the law protect people whose ID has been stolen?

    6. Are ID thieves evil people?

    7. How can people protect themselves?

    8. What is the first thing people should do when they suspect this has happened to them? 

    9. Once you have found the person how do you restore your ID?