• Insurance Fraud Investigations

  • We Investigate Insurance Fraud

    Insurance Fraud Investigations are conducted to provide facts and evidence surrounding a disability, illness or accident claim.  
    Private Investigators from Pi Services Detective Agency with many years experience in conducting these types of Investigation claims works with Insurance companies and claims adjusters to combat fraud
    Private Investigators will conduct surveillance, interviews, background checks and activity checks to help companies, claim adjusters and attorneys as well as private individuals with their Investigation needs.
    Surveillance: A private investigator specializing in Fraud Surveillance Investigations is trained in advanced surveillance techniques to make sure you get the necessary evidence. Private investigators will uncover and document the truth.
    Evidence: Observing the claimant who wants to claim from the insurance company. Obtaining discreet evidence by means of video and photos can benefit the company. Not only has the claimant committed fraud but he or she also loses the pay-out or monthly compensation
    Investigations: When hiring a specialist private investigator to investigate and conduct surveillance on the claimant, certain techniques are used to determine whether the claimant is suffering from any illness or disability.
  • Warning signs of possible fraud

    • Not reporting the injury promptly or late
    • Fake medical certificate
    • No witnesses
    • Knowingly disgruntled
    • Unsatisfied at work
    • Misses medical appointments
    • Claimer is never home when you call
    • Engages in activity not consistent with their injury