• Criminal Investigations Cape Town

  • What is a crime

    A crime can be described as an offence that merits community condemnation and is usually punishable by way of a fine and or imprisonment. 

  • Criminal Investigation

    In a Criminal Investigation we work hand in hand with the authorities. This is to ensure that our clients Investigation gets the attention to detail needed. In a criminal investigation we liaise with the Public Prosecutor. We keep them abreast of the developments in the Criminal Investigation. Our criminal investigators assist the client by Investigating the alleged offence. We gather all the evidence needed to secure a possibility of a conviction. The evidence is then presented to the South African Police Services or the state. We guide our clients to the police station and assists with the opening of the official police docket. Our evidence assist the client or victim with the criminal and civil process to recover loss from the illegal act by the criminal.
    The SAPS only focus on the criminal matter. The client needs to find and present the very same evidence "obtained by the investigation officer" for his/her civil matter. The evidence obtained is only made available to the attorney of the accused as "Further Details" in a criminal matter. It is not made available to an attorney in the civil matter. We keep a detailed record of all the evidence to assist the client in this process and in the event of the case docket going missing.
    We work side by side with the authorities. Our clients Criminal Investigation will get the attention to detail in needs from us. We liaise with the Public Prosecutor and keep them abreast of the developments in the Criminal Investigation. We assist the Investigation officer with drafting Court applications, charge sheet etc.
    We employee the best Criminal Investigators with years of experience in Criminal Investigations. We understand that the victim has suffered losses and our goal is to recover the losses in a cost effective manner for our clients. Giving you the advantage when you the victim of crime.
    Government Agencies do not always have the resources and often lack the skills to Investigate complex matters. Suspects and accused's often walk away free. Victims don't recover their losses as the state focuses on the Criminal matter and leave the civil matter to the victim.