• Workers Compensation

  • Employee Fraud Investigations

    Workers compensation Investigations are conducted to provide facts and evidence about injuries to employees employed by you during working hours.
    A company or insurance may make a financial compensation to an employee injured at work.
    Due to high workers comp fraud, a private investigator may be hired to conduct surveillance on the injured party. Private Investigators work with the Private Sector and Insurance brokers to combat workers comp fraud.
    Workers comp Insurance is a benefit to employees and is often abused by them.
    Private Investigators will gather facts, evidence take statements as well as conduct Surveillance to prove or disprove worker compensation fraud is taking place
    Private investigators get up early and stay hidden in effort to catch compensation cheats.
  • Injury Fraud Signs

    • Injuries with no witnesses
    • Delays in reporting injuries
    • Delays in seeking medical treatment and/or missed appointments
    • Injury while off of work
    • Financial stress at home
    • Filing multiple claims
    • Injury concurrent with termination
    • Working for competitors
  • Workers Compensation Investigation

    Surveillance: A private investigator specializing in workers comp Investigations is trained in advanced surveillance techniques to make sure you get the necessary evidence. Private investigators will uncover and document the truth.

    Evidence: Investigators Observing the claimant or person claiming for comp use video and to get evidence that can lead to great benefit to the client. Not only has the claimant committed fraud but he or she also loses the pay-out or monthly compensation.

    Investigations: When hiring a specialist private investigator to investigate and combat Fraud, certain techniques are used to document and determine whether the claimant is suffering from any injury to confirm their claim.