• Service Agreement

  • The Client hereby employs / contracts Pi Services (hereinafter to be described as “the Investigator”) who accepts the employment / contract to perform the service/ s described. The Clients hereby acknowledge that he/she/they understand the nature of the Service to be provided and confirms the appointment of the Investigator as their agent and service provider.

    The Client warrants that all information provided to the Investigator is accurate. The Client acknowledge that the information supplied will determine / jeopardize the outcome of the Investigation / Services. The Investigator reserve the right to change or add information on specific Requirements / services at any time. I understand the relationship between myself and the Investigator (and all third parties) is acted upon in good faith, and I will uphold the integrity always.

    Additional charges: may apply and added only where applicable and within reason to cover additional cost that may occur during Investigation.

    Example of additional: Assistance of a second Private Investigator. Fixed – Price or Hourly rate and mileage applies. Hearings, Court appearances, Surveillance and Investigations, Services, Mileage, Purchases on behalf of clients, GPS Tracking devices and equipment, Background checks and research, assets, searches, financial Investigations, Entrance fees, Airport parking and Street, Mall Parking fees.

    Payments are to be made by EFT to the Investigator. It is acknowledging by the client that the Initial payment is non-refundable and deems as a contract acceptance fee. Mileage and other expenses will be calculated at the end of the Investigation / Service.

    The Client fully indemnifies the Investigator against all possible legal actions that may arise from this contract and acknowledge / understands that this document serves to indemnify the service provider, the Investigator, agents or employees, against any losses (Shall replace Hired Equipment), crimen injuria, or damages because of accepting the services provided by the Investigator.

    The Client hereby acknowledges and understands that there is a Privacy Policy in place and the Investigator and Investigator's details will be held in the highest confidence. The Client and Investigator agrees that this document also constitutes an Agreement of confidentiality and that both Parties will not disclose any details or any details concerning the services/case, or intellectual Capital of the Investigator to any other party.

    The Client acknowledge that he / she are consenting adult/s of sound mind and fully capable of taking responsibility for their conduct whilst using the services.

    The Investigator accepts the appointment as Agent and all the terms and conditions described in this contract.


    Thank You!

    PI Services