• Quick Surveillance captured strike action on video

  • In September 2006, a well-known shopping center in Protea Heights Brackenfell came under attack by strikers. Earlier the day information was received that strikers will be targeting the center. The mall’s front gates were closed by security as we could hear the group of strikers coming closer to the entrance of the Mall.
    They started singing, dancing and shouting. The group turned violent and started throwing stones and bricks breaking down the entrance doors.
    The group forced their way in and as per video you can see them destroying the shop, attacking and assaulting employees and leaving with unpaid retail goods.
    Most of the cash registers were destroyed and the money taken. Cigarettes and other goods of value were amongst the things stolen by the criminals. Quick Surveillance allowed the criminals to be caught on video. It contributes to the guilty parties being arrested and prosecuted.
    Watch the video below.
  • Strike caught on video