• Quick Investigation – There is safety in numbers

  • Driving from our local library my family and I noticed a serious amount of smoke coming from behind our nursery in town. Me being who I am, I chose to do a quick Investigation. On my arrival at the scene, it was clear that the fire has already gotten big enough to attract some attention.
    As more and more people gathered outside their homes, you could hear men making phone calls to our fire department and wood crackling while it is burning into coal.
    A young woman running across the street to move her sleeping baby to safety, saying that the fire is right next to her property.
    I belong to a WhatsApp group Risk awareness - these men and woman reacted to a single sentence Fire in Street need help! Bakkies with water tanks arrived within minutes 4x4's and motorbikes came onto the scene.
    These people reacted to one cry of help and because of that a young mother can sleep in her home tonight.
    My point to this story is that if you do not belong to a neighbourhood watch or WhatsApp group, why not? There is safety in numbers. I would like to thank these gentlemen and our local fire department for a job well done...