• Online Dating Scam

  • Internet Dating Scam

    Online dating has become very popular in South Africa. When you search the term online dating thousand of ads and websites pop up in search rankings. Their goal is to attract members fast and match you with a potential life partner.
    Paid members will usually have more options, like sending messages to other paid members. Non-paid member will be able to see who viewed their profile but restricted to messaging unless they are on a paid subscription.
    Once you have set up your online profile other members are able to connect with you. At first you might play around and search for people in your area or even wink at someone or someone winks at you.
    You will find lots of people interested in you and you may even engage in communication with various people on the platform.
    At this stage you might be chatting to a few men or woman daily who have found interested in you!
  • How do internet dating scammers work?

    Online dating Scammers will take advantage of people looking for romantic partners. The scammers create authentic-looking fake profiles including false pictures, names, and information. The scammers usually create profiles that will match the victims. They will then gain the victim trust trough loving words and heartfelt conversations. They may even send you gifts to gain your absolute trust.

  • Internet Dating Investigations

    Online internet dating investigation is the use of a private detective with knowledge and tools surrounding the scam to reveal an online romantic partner’s identity and motives
    The scammers use internet dating websites, social media platforms and email to lure out their next victim.
    They share fake personal information with you and tell lies and fabricate stories about their life, making you believe everything they tell you!
    They bond with you and start an online romance with you. They will sometimes gain your trust by sending gifts.
    Our Private Investigators with knowledge surrounding the scam uses in depth background Investigations, many online tools and platforms and tracing methods to get the information and to confirm the scammers identity