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    Investigation is the undertaking of investigating something or someone. Investigations can also relate to a formal inquiry or systematic study. The act or process of examining a crime, problem and statement carefully, especially to discover the truth.

    We are a Top Private Investigation Services Company that provides Criminal Investigations to individuals, small business owners and corporate entities. We offer Private and Criminal Investigation Services world-wide. PI Services is a Top Private Investigations Agency and Nationally Represented. 

    We are Privately owned Private Investigator Agency specializing in all Criminal, Financial crimes, Domestic, Marital Infidelity, Civil Fraud and Criminal Fraud cases. Our Agency serves to provide 24 hours Private Detectives and Private Investigators.


  • Criminal Investigators

    Investigating something or someone, our team seeks the truth to uncover facts and evidence. Our Team of expert Private Investigators can be assigned within a few hours after receiving the Mandate to account for any evidence or covert video footage you may need. All our cases are handled with strict confidence and your confidentiality is guaranteed.