• Hire a Private Investigator – Choosing the right Private Investigator

  • Next Step! Hire a Private Detective Agency

    Hiring a Private Investigator or making use of a Detective Agency is easy. Find out how you can Hire a Registered Private Investigator.
    Today we will discuss the steps to Hiring a Private Investigator or making use of a Detective Agency. In our previous post we talked about the cost involved. You have an urgent matter to Investigate, whether it’s a criminal or personal matter. 
    You need to hire the services of private investigator or Detective agency but you are not sure on the steps or the process involved.
    Hiring a private investigator should be the first investment before confrontation, legal action or doing the work yourself
    There are good and bad Investigators in South Africa. Some Investigators will take your money and supply you with nothing. Professional private Investigators will keep you updated, communicate  and supply accurate reports.
    Private Investigators will in most instances specialize in a certain type of Investigations service for example, you get Private Investigators that specializes in only criminal cases and others that specialize in conducting surveillance or both
    The best way to find a PI is by referral or asking your attorney if they can recommend a PI. The Yellow pages or online directories is a also a good start in finding a potential Investigator to take on your case
    Once you have made your decision ask the PI for his or her educational background and what experience they have and how long they have been working in the Industry.
    In some cases they might be a former police detective with law enforcement background. In South Africa a PI or Detective agency should be registered with the private security industry regulatory authority, so ask them for their licence upfront.  A registered PI should have an office were you and the PI can consult in private. 
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    Once you hire a professional investigator to work your case, make sure that the investigator keeps a record of his/her activities. On completion of the task the investigator will hand you your report containing all the information of the work that has been completed. Don't forget to sign a contract / agreement with the investigator detailing in writing the services to be performed.

  • Tips ! Hire a Private Investigator

    • Have a office
    • Get a referral
    • Are licensed
    • Can provide references
    • Have experience
    • Clean record
    • Good Character
    • Can Testify In Court
    • Talk about confidentiality
    • Get a contract