• Drug Abuse Investigations

  • Alcohol and Substance abuse Operations

    Drug abuse investigations services to assist Parents, Loved ones and Business owners with drug tests ,detection and substance abuse prevention.
    We also do drug testing procedures. If you suspect someone of substance abuse whether it’s a loved one, your spouse, children or employees, then our Private Investigators can assist you.
    Private Individuals and Business owners seek our help and guidance as soon as they become suspicious of any form of substance abuse.
    You may be at your wits end with regard to the road forward. We know how difficult this can be for sober or non-addicts in the family or friendship circle. We will also assist you on how to deal with the situation without any form of proof.
  • Signs of substance misuse

    • Sudden weight loss or weight gain
    • Stealing from parents or employers
    • Bloodshot eyes
    • Sudden lack of personal hygiene
    • Unusual smells on breath, body, or clothing
    • Unusual changes in behaviour
    • Aggression towards parents or loved ones
    • Changes in sleep patterns