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  • Cell Phone Monitoring Software South Africa

    Cell Phone Spy Software or Spy Application is a powerful Mobile Monitoring app that allows you to spy on a cell phone or any Mobile Device. The Mobile Monitoring app works by remotely accessing data from the target phone (the phone you are monitoring) and displaying that data on your cell phone, tablet or computer. This powerful and undetectable mobile monitoring software app for smart phones is a must have app to find out information on a phone. Information like text messages, call logs, GPS location, browsing activity and many more. Its a cost effective way for obtaining the truth. 

    What makes this app so great is that it comes with advanced spy features in a single mobile spy application. The software will allow you to carry out call interception, background listening, call recording and background recording. The software will monitor everything that happens on the target phone after installation. The software will captures cell phone activities as it happens and sends all the data to your online account where you will be able to view communications and reports 24/7 from any Internet enabled computer or mobile device.

  • Why do I need Cell Phone Spy Software?

    Are you feeling anxious or troubled about actual or potential problem. Worried about a Family member, your children or Employee using their cell phone inappropriately? What are they secretly texting about? This software will allow you to silently monitor any cell phone activities. With Mobile Monitoring you can keep tabs on a phone and take action when needed. 

  • Easy to Install and use

    After your purchase is complete the system will email the login credentials to the email address specified. Make note of this email and keep it safe. It contains your online portal login details. Your portal will contain your user guide and reference on how to download and install. By Installing the software you will finally know the truth about your family member, children or employee's activities. You can start monitoring in as little as 15 minutes. Mobile Monitoring software have helped thousands of concerned family members, parents and business owners around the world.

  • Cell Spy Software Features

    Our Software can monitor the features listed below. Android refers to the Android device. Root refers to the Android device that must be Rooted in order for the feature to work. iOS refers to the Apple product.  The software will work on any jailbroken iPhone running up to iOS 9.1 (untethered jailbreak) or up to iOS 10.2 (tethered jailbreak).

    Email capturing

    Android requires root

    Wallpaper capturing


    Location Tracking


    SMS Tracking


    Call log Tracking


    Picture Tracking


    Video Tracking


    Audio Tracking



    Android (Root), iPhone, iPad

    Facebook Messenger

    Android (Root), iPhone, iPad


    Android (Root), iPhone, iPad


    Android (Root), iPhone, iPad


    Android (Root), iPhone, iPad


    Android (Root), iPhone, iPad


    iOS only


    iPad, iPhone, BlackBerry

    Blackberry PIN


    Yahoo Messenger

    Android (Root), iPhone, iPad


    Android (Root), iPhone, iPad


    Android (Root)


    Android (Root)


    Android (Root), iPhone, iPad


    Android (Root), iPhone, iPad


    Android (Root)


    Android (Root), iPhone, iPad

    Address Book Tracking


    Browser Bookmarks Tracking


    Running Applications Tracking


    Installed Applications Tracking


    Address Book Tracking


    Browser Bookmarks Tracking


    Calendar Tracking


    Call recording

    Requires at least iPhone 5 for iOS 7.x – 9.1

    Call interception

    Needs root for Android


    Needs root for Android

    Spoof SMS


    VoIP call logs


    VoIP call recording

    Requires at least iPhone 4S for iOS 7.x – 9.1 
    and Android OS 6.0.1 if Samsung device

    Ambient recording


    SIM change notification