• Background Checks

  • Background Investigations

    Are you looking for a Background check private investigator? PI Services Detective Agency can assist and provide Private Investigator background check services as well ass Tracing and Screening Investigation servicesCriminal background checks and Tracing are often requested by employers on candidates for a job, or for employment screening.

    It is also requested for past employment verification, Academic qualifications, credit history, address verification and due diligence. Checks are also useful when looking for debtors and tracing of non payers.
    Investigators will find documents and all relevant information that will give you a greater understanding of the person or business you want to look into.  Surveillance, digital tracking and tracing is also used by Private Investigators to trace and verify the whereabouts of the subject.
    These Services can help you make better choices when choosing a new tenant or business partner. Investigation services will help you with a new relationships, finding debtors so that a summons can be served.
    Research has shown that 80% of companies conduct some type of check because it creates a safe work environment for Customers and Employees.
    It also provides information on the person's ability to perform certain tasks on a job. Criminal checks will also highlight any criminal history. It will help minimizes your risks for workplace theft, fraud or scams. 
    Find out more about our Private investigator background check cost and how we can help you.
  • Types of Background Checks

    • Address verification
    • Employment information
    • Contact information 
    • Criminal History 
    • Business associations
    • Employment history
    • Credit status
    • Cellphone number ownership
    • Motor vehicle registration information
    • Property and Bonds
    • Registry of companies
    • Tax verifications
    • Due diligence report
  • Reasons to Order a Screening Check

    • Creates a safe work environment for Customers and Employees

    • Provides information on the person's ability to perform task / work

    • It highlights the person's criminal history 

    • Minimizes your risks for workplace theft

    • Provides information on their Financial Responsibility