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Private Investigator Cape Town

Private Investigator Cape Town offers Professional Private Investigations and Surveillance services to the public as well as business sector.

Are you looking for a professional Private Investigator in Cape Town? Complete our online form found under the contact us page so that we can discuss your situation and get you a quote. Our team of highly skilled investigators and surveillance operatives are trained Private Investigators ready to assist you 24 hours 7 days a week. We offer different types of investigation services and use various methods to gather information and verify facts. We can be hired by individuals or companies to undertake certain task in the line of investigations, surveillance, background checks, tracing services and more.

As one of Cape Town’s best Private Investigators specializing in electronic surveillance and investigations are equipped to deploy audio, video or GPS tracking equipment with minimum notice. Our surveillance vehicles are equipped with the latest technology that includes, high speed internet connected computers, optical zoom cameras and all the latest equipment needed to offer a discreet private investigation service.

Clients can discreetly communicate with their investigator assigned to the case to get live updates and feedback as it happens. For Professional Private Investigations and Surveillance Services in Cape Town, Contact us for more information.

Private Investigator Cape Town